In 1998, I founded Iron & Wire as means to produce superior crafted ironwork. As a recent graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago I was heavily inspired by Chicago’s rich architectural and ornamental heritage. The name Iron & Wire was gleamed from one of the many decorative fire escapes that caught my eye as I traveled through the city. With tradition in mind, I pursued education in blacksmithing, foundry and structural ironwork as conduits to execute my artistic designs. Iron & Wire is a truly modern fabrication shop as we routinely use computer assisted technology in the creation and fabrication process.


It’s been 15 years of dedicated creative work. We’ve produced many outstanding local and national projects. From commercial restaurants to residential staircases, fine art for the MCA and furniture for Mtv. The backbone of our work is my commitment to quality and the crew of professionals I associate with. In 1998, I opened the shop as a solo artist. Since then my in-house crew and outside resources have grown to handle any project, large or small.
As we continue our tradition in fabrication, I see great prospects on the horizon. My passion for art and architecture is still strong. With a glance at our portfolio, one can see we’ve made quite a statement. I actively design and fabricate iconic work that gains it's strength through the permanence of metal. With this continued commitment, I know our best work is ahead of us. 
Best Regards
David Greene
Iron & Wire LLC

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